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Frequently Asked Questions


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[av_toggle title=’What is an MSP?’ tags=”]
A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, works to proactively monitor the electronic endpoints that make up the backbone of your business.
[av_toggle title=’Why is an MSP different than my previous IT support providers?’ tags=”]
Instead of a traditional IT model wherein an employee or group responds to support requests, MSPs leverage cutting-edge monitoring and remoting software to provide your business with a 24/7 IT presence. Even while you’re away from the office, Dradis can respond to issues and alerts without any intervention on your part. In some cases, we can solve a problem with your electronic assets before they become a problem for you!
[av_toggle title=’Monitoring? Are you watching what I’m doing?’ tags=”]
Never, never, never without your permission. We don’t actively watch a screen unless specifically told by you to do so. That would be unbelievably boring for us, but also an unconscionable invasion of privacy for you. Remote connections can even be single-use password protected. You would be shown a single use password and tell us that when you want us to connect, otherwise we’d hit a brick wall.
[av_toggle title=’Why would I want to use an MSP?’ tags=”]
That’s an easy one! With traditional IT, there is an incentive to find problems so that they can make money. Dradis aims to earn it’s keep by preventing the problem from happening in the first place. We’re like exterminators; it is best to have pest control come out to spray before you get termites, but they can always kill an infestation that come out of nowhere.
[av_toggle title=’Who is Dradis?’ tags=”]
Dradis is 3 gentlemen, Adam, Justin & Justin, who have been doing IT for about as long as they have been job eligible. They’re not awful to look at, but it’s much more about brains than beauty with this group.
[av_toggle title=’In terms of cost and coverage, what’s best for my business?’ tags=”]
There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in IT, and anyone who tells you different doesn’t know they’re ASP from a hole in the ground (please pardon the geeky humor). In truth, we will listen to your needs, and find an agreement that provides you a steady stream of service, and not try to upsell you on things you simply don’t need. Simply put, if you tend to call your IT folks once a week, consider a gold plan. If it’s once a month, bronze should do it. We find the silver plan meets a lot of folks in the middle and makes them happy.
[av_toggle title=’Can you help me with equipment? ‘ tags=”]
Absolutely! We can help you decide what to buy, and in some cases what not to buy. Dradis is partnered with many of the top names in tech and can sell you gear direct, or show you what to buy and where to buy it yourself. We will always be good stewards of your dollar, since the most important thing to us is you.
[av_toggle title=’Shouldn’t I just hire an IT person?’ tags=”]
Sometimes, yes, but for most companies, managed service is a much better buy.

Keep in mind that an average IT worker has one brain and two arms, and will cost somewhere around $30-50k per year. In Dradis, you’ve got 3 brains and six arms, and have the luxury of avoiding overpaying someone who you don’t need full time, along with taxes and benefits for your new employee.

However, if your environment needs a full-time IT person (20+ users or machines to support), or if you already have one on staff, we are also here to be an extension of that IT team. We’ve all known the struggle of troubleshooting something difficult without anyone to bounce ideas around with. We can help your problems get solved faster and better by working with your current IT staff.
[av_toggle title=’Sounds Too Good to be True…’ tags=”]
It’s not. It’s just a different business model that has been made truly possible by new technology. Again don’t pay an IT company to fix things that are broken. Let Dradis help you make sure they don’t get broken in the first place!